No Game No Life

No Game No Life is a gorgeous game-centered Isekai with lush worldbuilding and an interesting story. It also brings the worst of ecchi objectification/sexualization and the Smartest Man In The Room genre.

Sword Art Online II (Season 2)

This season goes deeper into the psyche of the characters and explores the concept of Virtual Reality applications, ramifications, while also showing both the benefits and risks of immersing oneself online.

Sword Art Online (Season 1)

A fantastically immersive love-letter to MMORPGs backed with strong emotion that makes a great Gateway Anime. Then it goes sideways for the second arc before picking up the pieces for its second season.


If you’re looking for a rush, Kakegurui won’t disappoint. If you’re wanting to stay comfortable, give it a pass. I'd liken this to very spicy or strong ethnic food: You either love it and get hooked, or you hate it.

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