Weebing 101

Soon, you shall!

I’ve decided to give a lil’ weeb primer for y’all, gonna do it in parts.

Big Fat Disclaimer: This is all from what I’ve been able to observe/look up. If I were to post this “Intro to Weebery” on Reddit, it would get torn to shreds by the rageweebs for my oversimplification and no-doubt misclassification of a lot of things. So take it all with a grain of salt, and feel free to offer corrections on anything. Basically, these will be a “Things that would have been helpful to me/made my plunge into weebery easier” kind of series.

“What’s all this mess about anyway,” you ask? I’ll be putting links to all my posts here that explain various topics that are helpful to understand anime so you don’t have to be confused and look it all up yourselves!

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