Monogatari Final Thoughts

I’ve attached a big fat chart and diagram of the entire Monogatari chronology, which I definitely did not make myself, but it's the most friendly chart for those of us primarily concerned with watching the anime. The order shown in this chart suggests watching in accordance with the order that the Light Novels were released.... Continue Reading →

Monogatari and Problematic Media

The idea that you’re either “all for” or “all against” something is absolute baloney and downright childish. The good, interesting, and beautiful parts of Monogatari don’t nullify, make up for, or make the terrible parts “worth it.” The terrible parts of it don’t mean that Monogatari doesn’t bring anything to the table.

Opinion Piece: Otherworld Mediums

I feel that Maquia is an excellent example of the power of what I like to call "otherworld" mediums of fiction such as stories told in fantasy or sci-fi settings, and animation in general, when it comes to drama and eliciting an emotional response. I consume fiction for a variety of reasons, but I want... Continue Reading →

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