Neon Genesis Evangelion

Evangelion is what made Mecha a great genre, filled with existential psychological enigmas and religious imagery. It is easily one of the most influential anime ever to have been created.

Magia Record (Mobile Game)

What began as a passive time-sink grew into a beloved investment. Magia Record's characters, writing, and story have a charm to them unique in the realm of mobile games. Which makes the abrupt end of it that much more painful.

Arpeggio of Blue Steel

Genre(s): Sci-Fi, Military, Psychological Age-Appropriateness: 13+ (Violence, profanity, suggestive themes) Platforms: Crunchyroll Episodes: 12 TheAwersome Rating: 7.3 / 10 (Not bad) Premise: In the year 2039, effects of global warming have caused sea levels to rise, resulting in drastic losses of land. To make matters worse, a mysterious fleet of powerful warships named “The Fog”... Continue Reading →

Owarimonogatari (1st Season)

Part of the Monogatari Series - Sequel to Tsukimonogatari Genre(s): Seinen, Supernatural, Mystery, Psychological Age-Appropriateness: 17+ (Violence, Profanity) Platforms: Crunchyroll Episodes: 12 TheAwersome Rating: 8.3 / 10 (Here’s good stuff) Premise: During October of his third year in high school, Koyomi Araragi is introduced to a transfer student named Ougi Oshino by his underclassman Suruga... Continue Reading →

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