Necessary Japanese

There are a good number of words/phrases in Japanese that don’t necessarily translate over well into English. So, here’s a bunch that are very common that will help you get a grasp on what’s REALLY being said.

Anime Format

Part of the Weebing 101 Series There’s a formula that almost all anime follow in regard to structure. -Seasons and Cours- Anime is released (on TV in Japan, and therefore simulcast to streaming platforms internationally at the same time) in sync with the seasons. January-March is the “Winter” season of anime, April-June the “Spring” season,... Continue Reading →

Subs vs. Dubs

Part of the Weebing 101 Series Because anime is a thing people care about, they care about their opinions. A lot, unfortunately, and one of those categories is whether or not watching with original Japanese audio and English subtitles is better than watching with an English Dub. Here’s our take on pros and cons of... Continue Reading →

Family Relations

Part of the Weebing 101 Series The way Japanese refer to family members is a bit different than we do in English. Do you remember watching Yu-Gi-Oh! and wanting to punch gravel-voiced Mokuba in the face every time he said “Big brother!” because it sounded so weird and not right? No? Just me? Well anyway,... Continue Reading →


Part of the Weebing 101 Series “Okay, neat. What do I need to know to *get* anime though?” Good point. There’s a lot of Japanese culture in anime that doesn’t get explained in every single show because why would you? Could you imagine if at the beginning of every TV show they explained the significance... Continue Reading →

Anime Genres

Part of the Weebing 101 Series “I’m new to this, how do I play?”Alright, so while there is a common thread of animation style across all anime, they vary widely in vibe and feel, as do all TV shows, so let’s break it down into common genres that you might not be familiar with. If... Continue Reading →

What’s a Weeb?

Part of the Weebing 101 Series First off, why the heck is it called weebery, weebing, weeb, Weeaboo, etc.? According to, its roots are thus: The word weeaboo came about as a alternative for the term Wapanese, a blend of white or wannabe with Japanese. Wapanese was used extensively on the website 4chan in the early 2000s to insult white people who were deemed overly fond... Continue Reading →

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