Ganbare, Douki-chan!

If you particularly enjoy tights, office-attire, or just really want a break from all the “High school” centered shows, this is a fun mindless mild ecchi one to pick up. Comes in bite-size episodes.

Spice and Wolf

It's "Stonks: The Anime!" No, but really. A mature, slow burn romance in a fantasy setting with several entertaining economic thrillers along the way. A change of pace from modern anime, but it does lack drive.

Eromanga Sensei

A weeby, trashy, ecchi-themed siscon/lolicon show that’s actually good? Good animation, directing, and interesting dialogue for a terribly creepy fanservice plot. I’m still confused.


A snack show good for scratching a Yuri itch. Despite a ridiculous hentai-flavored premise, there is little skin-service but excellent spice. Refreshingly frank and honest about sexuality for an anime.


A short one-off art piece from Masaaki Yuasa that focuses on distinct animation to tell the story, rather than dialogue. Short enough that it's definitely worth checking out, even if the style is vastly different from typical anime fare.

Guilty Crown

Despite having all the ingredients to be the next anime classic, it ended up feeling like Magical Index meets the bad of Evangelion with unrealistic characters that betray their established depth and personalities.

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