Ms. Vampire Who Lives in My Neighborhood

If you’re hungry for more slice of life with extra helpings of sugary “Moe” to the point it’s almost cloying, yet has some genuinely good moments, go pick it up. There are better mindless slice of life shows, but I didn’t resent watching this one.

2019-2020 Top 10

While the roster was down from 77 contestants to 32 (the price of watching Naruto this year) there were still some excellent shows watched this year. Order flexible.

K-On! The Movie

With some extra sentimental feels and more polished animation, this is a great finisher that fits right in with usual K-On shenanigans.


KyoAni breathes their signature love into this piece, making it another great show for de-stressing and having a stakes-free good time.

The Tale of The Princess Kaguya

The entire movie is animated in watercolor paints, inks, and pencils, evoking the style of ancient Japanese artworks and scrolls...distilling the beautiful soul of ancient Japan into a touching masterpiece.

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