Castlevania (Seasons 1-2)

Genre(s): Dark Fantasy

Age-Appropriateness: 17+ (Plenty of Violence, Gore, Strong Language)

Platforms: Netflix

Episodes: 12

TheAwersome Rating: 7.8 / 10 (Worth checking out)

Premise: When his wife is burned at the stake after being falsely accused of witchcraft, the vampire Count Dracula declares that all the people of Wallachia will pay with their lives. He summons an army of demons which overruns the country, causing the people to live lives of fear and distrust. To combat this, the outcast monster hunter Trevor Belmont takes up arms against Dracula’s forces

TheAwersome’s Thoughts: Yes I count this as anime, moving on. Castlevania is a gorgeous, GORGEOUS piece of work. Character design and animation are stellar, and they got some really good voice actors in on this piece (Richard Armitage, James Callis, Tony Amendola, etc). The story is intriguing enough, though it’s somewhat slow in pacing, especially the first few episodes. While more apparent in the first “season” (four episodes) I feel Castlevania does suffer from “Look how adult of a show we are!” syndrome: not only excessive in strong language but it’s accentuated in the way a high school kid does in a play when the kids are granted permission to swear on stage so they milk it for all it’s worth, detracting from the situation in the first place. They set up for a third season but I feel they’ll really have to up the pacing of the show to have a third season be good with how much was resolved at the end of the second. That all being said, it’s still a very gripping watch, which made me cry pretty good at the end. Stabbed me right in the cries.  

TLDR: Definitely not for kids, but daang it’s pretty.

I can’t speak for any kind of “where does this fall in the timeline” questions because all I know about Castlevania is that Dracula is in it and there is a family of vampire hunters called the Belmonts.

Season 3 is scheduled for 2020 last I heard.

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