My Wife is the Student Council President

Genre(s): Ecchi, Sex Comedy, Romance, School

Age-Appropriateness: 18+ (Sexual humor, sexual content, mild nudity)

Platforms: Crunchyroll

Episodes: 24 8-minute episodes

TheAwersome Rating: 6.9 (Nice)

Premise: Hayato Izumi is running for student council president. He’s studious, responsible, down to earth…and completely outmatched by his rival, Ui Wakana. Ui wins in a landslide after promising comprehensive sex education, free condoms, and other exciting reforms. Bloodied but not discouraged, Hayato licks his wounds and settles for vice president. Then Ui moves in with him. As it turns out, their parents made a drunken promise decades ago that their children would one day marry. Ui and Hayato must now balance school life with matrimony, keeping their relationship secret from an (allegedly) prudish student body and learning to live with each other. Can they keep the student council in line and find happiness together?

TheAwersome’s Thoughts: Yeah, found this one when I was missing Shimoneta and Eiyuu*Senki had been leaving me without promised spice for too long. This is about as ridiculous and tropey as you would expect: characters have very little depth to them, and the universe follows the rules of a porn world in that anyone and everyone is ready to get frisky at just about any moment and are just looking for an excuse to do so. Crunchyroll offers a censored and uncensored version, the latter fully showing anime tiddies but nothing more.

Basically, this is a middle-ground of “I don’t want to watch full-on hentai, but I want spicy anime times” show. You aren’t here for characters or plot so much as kinky times, set in a tropey anime romcom scenario. What I did surprisingly like was how it captured the fun and novelty of newlywed sexual discovery as a happy fun time. Just uh, don’t think too hard about anyone’s ages. Laws are/were different in Japan.

TLDR: A cute/stupid ecchi-almost-hentai driven by tropes that’s short enough to not get boring.

I couldn’t find any trailers or even the OP, so no video.

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