The Quintessential Quintuplets Movie

Finale movie of Quintessential Quintuplets

Genre(s): Romance, Harem, Slice of Life, Comedy, Drama

Age-Appropriateness: 14+ (Occasional profanity, suggestive themes)

Platforms: Eventually Crunchyroll

Episodes: One 2 hour 15 minute movie

TheAwersome Rating: 8.5 / 10 (Satisfying conclusion)

Premise: Futaro has led five quintuplets to the point where they can graduate and pursue their own dreams. Now, finally, they had reached their final school festival. Having decided to make this occasion one to remember, Futaro searches for his feelings for the five quintuplets.

TheAwersome’s Thoughts: I don’t have too much to add here that hasn’t been said in the previous reviews of Seasons 1 and 2, but that isn’t to say that there isn’t good content here. A lot of the same good fleshing out of characters, though I do feel some arcs felt slightly unresolved, or at least their weight deserved a bit more attention than the movie could give to them. Without getting into spoilers, I’ll say that the harem aspect was handled in a believable and satisfying way. Uesugi’s relationship with each of the girls is different, and we get a good exploration of that with each of them in the movie.

The only reason this has a lower rating than the previous seasons is that a lot of it feels like wrap-up, which isn’t bad per se, but I feel there was enough new serious drama that could have been explored with greater depth that was wrapped up a bit quickly to get on to “the final choice.”

TLDR: A solid, definitive ending to a solid series that sets the bar for what harem romance anime can be.

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  1. Big fan of the manga, and hope to watch the movie sometimes soon. I don’t think the anime series really caught all of the manga charm as they felt a bit rushed at times (and I’m curious to see how this movie handles that!), but they’re a good time. I especially like how Quintuplets handles its harem and they all grow, which is a sign of a good one as they don’t just remain love interests.

    Which character(s) did you end up liking the most?


    1. Totally agree about how Quintuplets really handled the harem aspect well.

      I liked different characters for different reasons: Miku I feel most weebfolk can relate with (shy, generally socially overlooked) and I really appreciated the growth we saw from her. Ichika was really interesting to see the “I’m supposed to be responsible/watch over everyone, and therefore can’t express my own desires over theirs” issues develop and get addressed. Yotsuba is a similar vein of Ichika’s, but a little to the left and I liked how similar psychological issues can look very very different. Maybe it’s just the Anime-only perspective, but I feel that Nino and Itsuki didn’t have as much individual growth, but Nino’s approach to her relationship with her sisters was fascinating to see.

      TLDR: Hard to pick favorites, but Ichika’s moments (not particularly as a character, or character growth) overall were probably my favorite to see.

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