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In November 2018 I started writing anime reviews, about one a week, and posting them in the Discord server for the Twitch stream I run with my wife (check us out at https://twitch.tv/retrodatenight). After about 70 of them piled up, I decided they needed a platform that’s easier to access and navigate. That’s this!

Recent Posts

Sweetness and Lightning

A sweet and wholesome Slice of Life that takes you through the joys of discovering cooking, and learning to do so for those you love and care about.


An interesting, mysterious story that while gorgeously animated, feels more like a stand-out episode of a Sci-Fi TV series than a standalone movie.

Bonjour Sweet Love Patisserie

About as tropey and shallow as you’d expect from a short promotional anime for a mobile platform dating sim that never even got finished or released. Main girl is cute though?

Goblin Slayer: Goblin’s Crown

A Classic D&D-style Adventure with the Goblin Slayer crew. Doesn’t particularly add much to the series but brings in a new character and better animation.

The Role of Role-Playing in Goblin Slayer

What makes Goblin Slayer so special is how faithfully it recreates the Tabletop RPG experience. For me it brought to life what I always wanted D&D to be. Without that context, it can come off as low-effort.


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