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In November 2018 I started writing anime reviews, about one a week, and posting them in the Discord server for the Twitch stream I run with my wife (check us out at https://twitch.tv/retrodatenight). After about 70 of them piled up, I decided they needed a platform that’s easier to access and navigate. That’s this!

Recent Posts

Overlord IV (Season 4)

More interesting and with greater political intrigue than previous seasons. Still has some issues with direction and an abundance of seemingly unnecessary details.

How Not to Summon a Demon Lord Ω (Season 2)

Once you accept that this is an Ecchi with Isekai elements, and not the other way around, it’s actually enjoyable. Plus, there’s an interesting exploration of religious corruption that was more compelling than what the previous season offered.


A surprisingly decent (not necessarily good) sports/shonen of water polo / butt wrestling, naturally in a heavily ecchi environment. Not worth much past the novelty of the gag premise, scratches a shonen/battle itch more than an ecchi itch.


An effective, more classical approach to horror that lets the supernatural stay supernatural. While being somewhat one-note near the end, it does its job of keeping you up for a night or two.


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