Genre(s): Comedy, Romance, School

Age-Appropriateness: 14+ (Profanity, suggestive themes)

Platforms: Crunchyroll, Funimation

Episodes: 12

TheAwersome Rating: 7.0 / 10 (About what you’d expect)

Premise: “Would you like to be with me… in the Gamers Club?” Amano Keita is a perfectly mediocre loner with no distinguishing features other than his love for games. One day, his school’s prettiest girl and Gamer Club President Tendo Karen suddenly calls out to him. That moment changes Keita’s life forever, as he now finds himself in the midst of a romcom with beautiful girl gamers… or, well, that’s how it usually goes. Not with him, however.

TheAwersome’s Thoughts: There isn’t anything particularly special about this show; it’s your typical anime high school romcom scenario rife with misunderstandings and girls that start to fall for the loser gamer kid who has no personality other than liking games and not being a dick? Classic blank slate for nerdy kids to project themselves onto for a somewhat harem-like show.

That being said, I had fun watching this. While the show isn’t ABOUT games so much as just having games be the setting, there are a good number of conversations about gaming and gamers that are actually quite relevant. One theme that I did like was about enjoying games the way you want to, whether that be hyper competitive, super relaxed, completionist, etc. Not every game has to be a masterpiece, but you can still enjoy the snot out of it.

I’ve often applied a similar analogy toward anime using food. There are some meals you’ll have that are absolute pieces of art by a master with perfectly balanced flavors, pacing of courses, finest ingredients, etc. Those are magical moments when you get to experience that. But chances are that on another day, you’d be just as happy with some quick and easy Taco Bell. “Gamers!” is a Taco Bell anime.

TLDR: Super cliché romcom with interesting tie-ins to gaming. Good snack anime.

This show has also been called “Misunderstandings, the anime!” because that’s what the entire plot is based on. I personally think the writer looked at Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde comedies and said “I bet I can precariously balance even more farcical misunderstandings and scenarios!” It’s madness.

While there was more content in the Light Novel and Manga, I doubt we’ll see a 2nd season. Also, there isn’t really an ending to this one that resolves anything it just kind of …stops.

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