Zoku Owarimonogatari

Part of the Monogatari Series – Sequel to Owarimonogatari (2nd Season), Prequel to Hanamonogatari

Genre(s): Seinen, Supernatural, Psychological, Mystery, Ecchi

Age-Appropriateness: 17+ (Partial Nudity, Suggestive themes, profanity, violence)

Platforms: None

Episodes: 6

TheAwersome Rating: 8.2 / 10 (Really neat)

Premise: Graduation has come, thus marking an end to Koyomi Araragi’s bizarre high school life full of encounters with oddities and eccentricities. Araragi unexpectedly gets absorbed into his own bathroom mirror and awakens trapped in a strange world where everything and everyone he knows is reversed: Mayoi Hachikuji is a full-grown woman, poker-faced Yotsugi Ononoki is brimming with emotion and expression, etc. Zoku details Araragi’s endeavors in this new world as he struggles to understand it and find a way home.

TheAwersome’s Thoughts: This had a similar vibe to the Cowboy Bebop movie in that it was a great addition to the collection that doesn’t extend the story further necessarily, but is a nice additional insert. The philosophical conundrums and questions were a lot of fun, and the frequently changing visual styles was very intriguing as well, matching with the overarching themes of reflection and reversal. We also get to see a delightful exploration of a good handful of characters that we hadn’t gotten to know as well yet.

Ecchi level is upped a bit from the previous installment, but we’re spared the uncomfortable pedophilic/incestual overtones that often mar this franchise. Since it isn’t Araragi perving it up without consequence, it isn’t as off-putting. 

Despite a somewhat contrived premise (which is acknowledged) Zoku manages to avoid feeling like it’s just milking the franchise for more content, which believe me, there is a LOT of additional Monogatari LNs that have been written that haven’t been adapted to anime yet, so be grateful. While I can’t say this is the end of this anime, it sure feels like it.

TLDR: A good wrap-up for some lingering characters while being a fitting inclusion to the series.

Zoku Owarimonogatari translates to “Ending Story Continued,” which makes sense since it’s a bonus that follows Owarimonogatari and makes an easier transition into Hanamonogatari.  

CHRONOLOGY: Zoku Owarimonogatari takes place two days after the events of the final arc in Owarimonogatari (2nd season) from March 16-18. This takes place roughly one month before the events of Hanamonogatari.  

I figure after 10 installments/reviews on this series I’d be remiss if I didn’t add in some final thoughts, and maybe answer some of your questions. Please see them in my Monogatari Final Thoughts.

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