A Whisker Away

Genre(s): Comedy, Romance, Supernatural, Drama, School

Age-Appropriateness: 11+ (Some mild violence and crude humor)

Platforms: Netflix

Episodes: One 1 hr. 45 min. movie

TheAwersome Rating: 7.6 / 10 (Feels like a decent Disney/Ghibli blend)

Premise: Miyo Sasaki is an energetic high school girl who comes from a broken family of her unconfident father and an overly invested stepmother, whose attempts at connecting with Miyo come across as bothersome. Seeing Kento Hinode as a refuge from all her personal issues, she can’t help herself from forcing her unorthodox demonstrations of love onto her crush.

While Miyo is unable to get Kento’s attention as herself, she manages to succeed by interacting with him in the form of a white cat, affectionately nicknamed “Tarou” by Kento. But Miyo soon realizes that she can’t help Kento with the various problems she overhears in her cat form and is now caught between two tough choices. Will she continue her relationship with him as a cat, or will she reveal her identity and risk what they have, to help him as her human self?

TheAwersome’s Thoughts: This was fun enough, nothing to really write home about. Background art and animation is gorgeous, and the character design is very appealing, evoking a Miyazaki vibe both in the human and cat designs. The story is simple and predictable, but a good amount deeper than your typical family friendly fare. While having a lot of elements similar to The Little Mermaid, the ending takeaway is more palatable than “being a whiny teenager who risks everyone’s lives because you’re ‘iN lOvE’ with someone you’ve met for three days is A-Okay!” Characters were understandable and had some good, real growth.

There is a large amount of “for kids” goofiness and nonsense that prevented getting emotionally invested in this, but every once in a while, it’s nice to find an anime that won’t feel too awkward to show to kids.

TLDR: A family friendly Disney/Ghibli blend.

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