Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3 – Stardust Crusaders

Sequel to Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (Parts 1 & 2)

Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Supernatural, Shonen

Age-Appropriateness: 15+ (Violence, Gore, profanity, crude humor)

Platforms: Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll

Episodes: 24

TheAwersome Rating: 7.9 / 10 (Ridiculous Intense Nonsense)

Premise: Years after an ancient evil was salvaged from the depths of the sea, Jotaro Kujo sits peacefully within a Japanese jail cell. He demands he not be released, believing he’s been possessed by an evil spirit capable of harming those around him. His mother, Holly Kujo, asks her father, Joseph Joestar, to convince Jotaro to leave the prison. Joseph informs his grandson that the “evil spirit” is in fact something called a “Stand,” the physical manifestation of one’s fighting spirit which can adopt a variety of deadly forms. When a Stand awakens within Holly and threatens to consume her in 50 days, Jotaro, his grandfather, and their allies must seek out and destroy the immortal vampire responsible for her condition. In traveling to Cairo, Egypt, they do battle with ferocious Stand users set on thwarting them.

TheAwersome’s Thoughts: This had the same things that we loved from the previous installment of Jojo’s: Ridiculous, over-the-top, melodramatic posing, dialogue, and hyper-unrealistic nonsensical scenarios and action. I feel the action and animation itself was more developed than last time around, far less static, so that was a plus. Bromance rides strong, as do the musical and Classic Rock reference names. The cast is larger than last time around, so you get to grow attached to more people. If I had a complaint, it’d be that the pacing is much slower, and somewhat repetitive. Each arc is basically “The gang gets attacked by an enemy Stand User on their way to Egypt.” The abilities and challenges vary per encounter, but it can get a bit tedious. That being said, there are still hilarious moments, goosebumps and much fun to be had.

TLDR: More of what you love at a slower pace.

The arc where they actually arrive in Egypt, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3 – Stardust Crusaders: Battle in Egypt, is the next installment.

You’ll likely enjoy this if you enjoyed:

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (Parts 1 & 2)

– The melodramatic nonsense of One Punch Man and Kill la Kill

– The comic book, Saturday Morning Cartoon flavor of One Punch Man and Cells at Work!

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