Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel II. Lost Butterfly

Part of the Fate Franchise – Sequel to Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel I. Presage Flower

Genre(s): Action, Magic, Supernatural, Drama

Age-Appropriateness: 16+ (Violence, disturbing themes, brief sexuality, gore, profanity)

Platforms: None

Episodes: One 2 hr. movie

TheAwersome Rating: 8.7 / 10 (Favorite Fate piece yet)

Premise:  After the events of the previous movie, Shirou is desperately trying to find a way he can still contribute to the Holy Grail War in order to protect those he cares about and live up to his Father’s dream of becoming a Hero of Justice.  With the mysterious shadow’s killing sprees getting worse, will Shirou be able to protect Sakura?

TheAwersome’s Thoughts: Hooh boy. This one was an absolute ride, and such a redeeming piece for the Fate franchise after its myriad of diluted spinoffs that have progressively less and less weight. This movie doesn’t focus as much on exciting fights between the servants (though it has them and they are stellar) so much as heavy, HEAVY personal issues that are handled in an appropriately dignified way. So much better than your typical Naruto Tragic Backstory™. Everything from Fate/Zero that you said “Man, that’s going to come back in a bad way” gets handled and addressed here and it is emotionally brutal. It’s very hard to not get emotionally invested in this one, which is the way any good piece should be.

The pacing felt a bit better in this than in the first movie, the animation is just as incredible, and Yuki Kajiura’s music encapsulates the soul of this story perfectly. There isn’t too much I can say without spoilers, but this is definitely worth watching if you liked Fate/Zero at all.

TLDR: An emotionally brutal piece, this is the best installment in the Fate franchise yet.

Do yourself a favor and be sure to watch this before watching Today’s Menu for the Emiya Family, as it has spoilers in it that haven’t already been spoiled by Fate/Zero. Also, the tonal whiplash of going from Today’s Menu to Heaven’s Feel II. Lost Butterfly is severe. It’d be like watching a Lego Avengers movie and then watching Netflix’s Daredevil; same universe but majorly different vibe.

I really got sucked in to this one, it’s the kind that even though you’re watching it at home alone you catch yourself still exclaiming and occasionally cussing under your breath at the events.

The final movie, Heaven’s Feel III. Spring Song is scheduled to hit Japanese theaters at the end of March 2020, with the Stateside theatrical debut slated for “Spring 2020” which is pretty quick.

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