Part of the Monogatari Series – “Sequel” to Owarimonogatari (1st Season)

Genre(s): Seinen, Supernatural, Mystery, Ecchi

Age-Appropriateness: 17+ (Profanity, Suggestive Themes, violence)

Platforms: Funimation(Was initially released on a Japanese mobile app)

Episodes: Twelve 13-minute episodes

TheAwersome Rating: 7.2 / 10 (Back to dialogue-only)

Premise: In each episode, Koyomi is presented with a different mystery by one of the female characters, which he investigates on his own or helps them solve.

TheAwersome’s Thoughts: This is mostly a bonus series. It pretty much explores the idea that being an awesome paranormal investigator doesn’t mean that every mystery is paranormal. These are the mysteries that don’t necessarily have any supernatural explanation, but are just normal everyday life. Chronologically it spans from the events of Bakemonogatari up until the end of Tsukimonogatari. Meaning the last episode of this is very important to watch and you NEED to watch it before starting the 2nd season of Owarimonogatari.

Overall, I felt this was a good breath-catcher from the Kizumonogatari Trilogy to get back into the swing of normal Monogatari shenanigans and format. There wasn’t anything particularly bad about this installment, but it’s clear that it was mostly meant to be bonus episodes, up until the last one anyway. As such there aren’t many critical events that happen, ergo, nothing crazy interesting. If you want to finish Monogatari out to the end though, there’s enough plot-relevant stuff that you do need to watch it though.

TLDR: Mostly an OVA collection, except for a few critical episodes, especially the last one.

I couldn’t find any trailers, so here’s an OP you’ve likely heard.

While “Koyomimonogatari” has the obvious “Koyomi” being the first name of the protagonist, it’s also another way to say Calendar, so it could also be translated as “Calendar Story.” Which, considering that there are 12 episodes which were released one per month, and each take place in the month following the previous, is a pretty fitting name. Japan does love their puns and wordplay, bless them.

CHRONOLOGY: Starts alongside Bakemonogatari and ends one month after the events of Tsukimonogatari.  

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